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The Unforgettable Fire lyrics


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     The Unforgettable Fire
    >> U2
    Your only rivers run cold
    These city lights
    They shine as silver and gold
    Dug from the night
    Your eyes as black as coal

    Walk on by
    Walk on through
    Walk 'til you run
    And don't look back
    For here I am

    The wheels fly and the colors spin
    Through alcohol
    Red wine that punctures the skin
    Face to face
    In a dry and waterless place

    Walk on by
    Walk on through
    So sad to beseige your love so head on
    Stay this time
    Stay tonight in a lie
    I'm only asking but I...
    I think you know
    Come on take me away
    Come on take me away
    Come on take me home
    Home again

    And if the mountain should crumble
    Or disappear into the sea
    Not a tear, no not I

    Stay in this time
    Stay tonight in...
    Ever after, this love in time
    And if you save your love
    Save it all

    Don't push me too far
    Don't push me too far
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